Meet Lucy Lu and Smokey Blue – they are an integral part of the Southern Chute team. Chances are, when you call our office, you’ll hear one of them in the background!scdogs

Lucy and Smokey are standard long-haired dachshunds, and they are Chet & Joanna’s 4-footed kids. Both of them have been coming to work since they were 8 weeks old, and they are well loved and spoiled by everyone who works here.

Lucy is in charge of deliveries, and Smokey is in charge of watering the plants outside the office. They share responsibility for lunch, and for walking John. They also happen to be very good judges of character: Everyone on our team is a dog-lover, and both dogs are present at all interviews. If you’re not happy having a dog lie on your foot, you won’t be happy at Southern Chute!

These two charmers are proof that dogs are very beneficial in the workplace. It doesn’t matter how hectic our days get, or how challenging our work might be, these two wagging, wriggling, licking bundles of love can change our attitudes pretty quickly! In fact, they were featured in a Sun-Sentinel article last year on the benefits of taking your dog to work with you.