How do I determine which size trash or laundry door I need?

The best way to determine what door size you need is to remove the old door and measure the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the opening in the wall the door fits into. If this is not possible, then open the door and measure the size of the door opening.

What size and type of hydraulic closer does my trash door use?

Hydraulic closers for trash doors come in 8” or 10” size. Remove the closer from your present door and measure the length of the body of your closer (not including the piston arm). This is your closer size. Closers come in either “Regular” or “Extended” configurations. A Regular closer has a piston arm that is in the retracted position and requires force to pull out. An Extended closer has a piston arm that in its normal state has the piston arm in the fully extended position and requires force to retract.

What is a fusible link and why do I need one?

A fusible link is a device made of a special metal alloy that is designed to melt during a fire. The fusible link goes on a Discharge Door and holds the door in a “open” position. If a fire occurs, the heat from the flames will melt the link, thus releasing the door and closing off the chute line to prevent smoke and fire from using the chute to spread to other floors

What is a “fire-rated” door and are your doors fire rated?

Most states, counties, and cities require chute doors that are fire rated. This means that they have been tested by Underwriter’s Laboratories to withstand a certain amount of heat during a given period of time, and bear a label that confirms they meet this requirement. All of our trash and line doors are fire rated and bear this U.L. label for fire resistance.

What parts are replaceable on my existing door?

On most trash chute doors, the hydraulic closer piston, handle and latchbolt are replaceable. You can order replacement parts on our website for most models of doors made today.

Why must a door be self-closing and self-latching?

In order to qualify as a “fire rated” door, the unit must be able to close and latch automatically. This prevents the door from accidentally being left open, thus allowing smoke and flame to escape.

What is a discharge door?

A Discharge (also called a Guillotine or Rolling-style) door is a device placed at the bottom of a chute line to prevent smoke and flame from using the chute to spread to other floors. It is usually held in an open position by a Fusible link. If a fire occurs, the link melts and the door closes automatically due to the action of either springs (in a Guillotine door), or gravity (in a Rolling-style).

What maintenance does my new door require?

Your new chute door is designed to give many years of trouble-free use with regular maintenance. Wipe down the exterior and interior of the door with Stainless Steel cleaner to remove grease and dirt build-up. Lubricate any moving parts with a water displacing lubricant such as Corrosion-X® . Regular professional cleaning of your trash using hot water and detergent will also help to greatly extend the life of your entire trash line.

What odor counteractant products are available for my trash chute?

We sell various products to control unpleasant odors in dumpsters and trash chutes. Our Cherry Scent Deodorant Block is a long-lasting product designed to sit inside your dumpster and neutralize strong smells. Our Tim-Bor is a combination granulated product designed to be spread into the bottom of empty dumpster to control odor and repel roaches, rats, and other vermin.

I just received my door and it looks dull and scratched, what should I do?

First, make sure you have removed the protective plastic film from your door and trim parts. This film should peel off revealing the stainless steel surface below. The frame and back of the door is made of 18 gauge corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and has a normally dull-colored gray surface. Nicks or scratches on it will not affect its performance or corrosion resistance, and will be covered up completely by the trim panel(s) included with each door.